Blogging regularly brings traffic to your website, boosts your SEO, establishes you as an expert in your field and generates trust and respect among your readers. Ultimately, this generates more business, as those same readers will likely come to you when they are ready to make a purchase. As a blogger, I take great pride in learning about your company’s desired messaging and buyer personas, and then tailoring content and a unique voice to reach that specific audience.


“LisaMarie, you are an elegant and thoughtful writer. As you can imagine, I read so much during my job that I don’t do much outside of work. Your thoughts, composed here [on your personal blog posts], and your other essays are wonderful. They make me think, smile, cry, wonder and examine my own life (and my own writing). I’m looking forward to your future posts. You have a wonderful gift.”

 – Tom Renner, Content Manager, “The Daily Voice”

For samples of past blog content, please click on the links below – or visit my Blog page for content from my inspirational blog, The Fork in the Road.

MarkNet Group:
First Step to Establishing Brand Voice? Know Your Audience

Osceola Garage:
Check Engine Light On? Take it to the Pros, Not the Parts Store

Ridgefield Academy:
The 2015 State of the School Address



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