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Time Flies… But it Doesn’t Have To

photo credit: workplaceconfidence.com

photo credit: workplaceconfidence.com

When I was young, I had the distinct feeling that time was somehow standing still. Yes, the sun rose and set but the days seemed longer, experiences felt more heightened, and time itself seemed to stretch out so graciously that it was barely noticeable. Now that I’m older and busier, time seems to race by faster than I can measure. Weeks and months go by in a blink. This same phenomenon seems to be true for most people I know, which makes me wonder; if time hasn’t changed (a day has been 24 hours long whether we’ve been nine or forty nine) then why has our perception of time changed as we’ve gotten older?   The short answer is – It may be because we’re not paying attention. Continue reading

A Life Worth Living

biblicalstranger.wordpress.comMany of us live our lives as if there will always be plenty of time: time to go back to school, time to pick up a passion that was put aside for family or career, time to pursue a dream that’s nagged us since we were young. “Later,” we we tell ourselves, “when the kids are grown, when my debts are paid off, when I have more… time.”  It’s perfectly understandable why it happens; an endless stream of day-to-day tasks and responsibilities distract us from one simple truth – time has an expiration date, so the time to live is now. Continue reading