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Stop the Train – I Want to Get Off!

7705658190_62928ffe98The alarm goes off, again, at the crack of a weekday morning’s dawn. You wake up and methodically move to the bathroom, then to the closet, then to the kitchen…. Clean the same dishes. Wipe the same counter. Feed the same kids. Drive the same route to work… Maybe even shoot for the usual parking space in the parking lot. After hanging the same coat on the same hook, you arrange your personal items in their designated spots like you do every morning and put your coffee, the same decaf latte you order every day, in the same place on your desk. And so on… and so on…

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Christmas…Lost and Found

outdoor-christmas-tree-15For me, Christmas isn’t just a day. It’s a month-long holiday, during which I feel like an awe-struck child. I savor every sign that the season is here – special treats lining the shelves of my local Italian deli, colorful lights that transform nighttime into a sparkling wonderland, carolers, the smell of pine and freshly cut trees strapped to the roofs of cars. Each day after Thanksgiving, my daughter and I “keep Christmas,” as Dickens says, in our own way, from little things like a glass of eggnog to larger things like our annual pilgrimage to Rockefeller Center and the surrounding city. The very first time I hear “White Christmas” (not just any version, mind you, it has to be Bing Crosby’s) I smile, knowing the season has truly arrived. It’s never been about the presents, you see. It’s always been about the undeniable mood that Christmas brings, one of hope, charity, sentimentality and a return to innocence. A grown woman with a child of my own, I’ve spent lots of Christmases this way, so the fact that I wasn’t “feeling it” this year wasn’t just disappointing…  It was downright disturbing.

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