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Life Imitating Art… The Closing of The Paramount

In 1981, I remember listening to a powerful concept album that gave me chills. Called Paradise Theater, Styx’s music gave a fictional account of a grand theater, from it’s glamorous, sophisticated opening to it’s dismissive closing and eventual abandonment.  Today, I am hearing that very soundtrack in my head as I consider the sad news about the possible closure of one of our own, beloved theaters… the Paramount.  Continue reading

Help Save The Arts in 1 Minute, 5 Seconds

On a city street, walking to an art opening a few nights ago, I heard the unmistakable “thump… whack… thump, thump, whack” of a drummer’s practice session through an apartment window. Walking back to my car almost two hours later he was still rehearsing, still perfecting his craft. After getting past my initial sympathy for his neighbor I had to smile…  I love when people live their lives with that kind of passion. And artists typically do. So after this uplifting evening filled with thought-provoking photography, stirring music, artfully prepared food and the sound of that young, aspiring musician, it disturbed me to remember that, soon, legislators will be having their annual debate about whether or not the county should fund the arts. Continue reading

The Arts… More Than Just Aesthetics

Everyone is talking about the economy these days.  Let’s face it, most of us are being impacted, personally, by these difficult times. So when someone asks us to support the arts, the request is often overshadowed by, what some call, the larger issues of consumer spending, unemployment, merchant profits and government revenue. Continue reading