thousands-of-block-print-lettersLisaMarie DeSanto is an idea generator and creative writer who thrives on the art of communication. When she’s not busy crafting clever copy, editorial or inbound marketing and web content, you can catch her living life to the fullest, looking for inspiration for her blog, The Fork in the Road.

LisaMarie has written for a wide range of industries, for small, local businesses to global companies and everything in between. Topics have included education, health, beauty, auto care, the arts, literature, music retail products, restaurants and pharmaceuticals. She considers immersing herself in each new industry to be an exciting part of the communications and marketing process.

Her communications skills aren’t limited to the written word, though. LisaMarie is just as comfortable communicating with people as she is to them. This not only makes her easy to work with, it also enables her to get to the heart of a company’s true message and brand quickly and accurately.

A right and left brain thinker, LisaMarie combines strong analytical and creative skills to produce engaging, effective work, and her background in art and design help her to “put it all together” when working with creative teams.

LisaMarie graduated from Pace University, and holds certificates in Inbound Marketing from Hubspot Academy and Digital Design from Westchester Community College, where she sits on the academic advisory board, annually. In addition to being the former media relations manager of ArtsWestchester, New York State’s largest arts council, she has held positions as a staff writer and creative project manager in the publishing and digital marketing industries for over two decades. Her work is regularly featured in local and nationally read publications, and her book reviews have been published by CavanKerry Press and Southern Literary Review.

LisaMarie resides in New York and, during her free time, she enjoys reading, singing with her band and dreaming of seeing the world – one country at a time.

To find out more about how LisaMarie can help you engage, inform and compel your target audience, email her at, or call 845.674.2927.