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If you’re in marketing, communications or public relations – or you’re running a business that requires these services – chances are you have a great story to tell. Unfortunately, you’re so busy running your company that you don’t have the time, or the staff, to tell that story.

I’d love to help. I specialize in generating effective content, written from a fresh but keen perspective, that engages, informs and compels your target audiences.

Whether you need a press release, web copy, a brochure, newsletter or blogging, I’m ready to provide you with content that will help you increase leads, enhance your brand identity and communicate more effectively with your prospective clients.

Your company is different than others in your industry. My job is to assess what that difference is, and then to tell the right people about it. After a brief, but thorough investigation into what makes your organization tick, I get up to speed quickly, tackle the assignment and provide you with a draft of engaging copy that meets your goals – expressing your unique messaging, establishing you as a thought-leader within your industry,  and persuading readers to take action.

To see the many ways I can help you engage, inform and compel your target audience, please view my Services page,  Writing Samples and Creative Project Management pages.

Then, get in touch at lisamariewe2@gmail.com or 845.674.2927.

I look forward to hearing from you!